18 Nov 2022

5 Best Apps To Add Text To Video

5 Best Apps To Add Text To Video

These apps can help you add text to videos, add subtitles to videos, and comment on videos for collaboration.

Adding text and annotations on images is quite easy with any image editor. Have you ever wanted to do the same with a video? You can, with a tool that supports video annotation. You can add text, graphics, highlights, etc. to any specific part of the video. An annotation is very useful in a video. It can be used to draw the user's attention to a certain part of the video, provide some context, or provide an explanation of a video.

Use cases of adding text to videos

There are many reasons you might want to add text to video. Here are some of the top use cases we've seen from our customers:

  • Create How-to videos or instructional videos with added context: This can be useful for adding context to a video or for providing instructions on how to do something. These are often used when creating video tutorials, support videos, troubleshooting videos, instructional videos, or any how-to video.

  • Collaboration with comments and notes: Another important application of video annotation is to provide feedback and facilitate collaboration when creating videos. This is accomplished by adding comments or notes to a video at specific time frames and positions.

  • Add subtitles : This is another use case where you are considering the accessibility of your videos. Adding subtitles can help users view the video and understand it without listening to its audio.

There are several tools that can be used to add text or shapes to a video. Here are the best apps to use:

1. WowTo

Add text to videos with WowTo

WowTo is an online video editor that can annotate your video to create How to videos, instructional videos, or tutorial videos. Users can add different types of video annotations like text, animated icons, graphics, images, shapes, etc. You can either create your video with WowTo or just upload an existing video and annotate it with a few clicks. It also has an in-built library of stock images and videos that can be used to add clips to your video.

The tool uses an easy drag-and-drop interface to add annotations to the video. The duration for which the text or the annotation component is visible on screen is easily configured by selecting the start and end times while playing the video. The final output can be downloaded in a mp4 format in HD resolution or can be shared directly with a link or embedded in your website or blog. It also allows you to add a custom watermark to the videos.

WowTo can be used to generate subtitles as well. While importing a video, you can upload the associated vtt file or if your video has a voice-over, then the subtitles can be automatically generated with the in-built AI speech-to-text feature and downloaded as a vtt file or can be enabled to be seen while sharing the video with the generated URL. WowTo supports 20+ languages for converting speech to text from your videos.

Overall, WowTo is a perfect choice for beginners. And it provides a free version with a limit of15 videos in full HD resolution to get started.


Collaborate on videos with is a visual commenting platform that provides video annotation for collaboration. It enables professionals, teams, and enterprises to create MarkUps, leave contextual feedback, and easily share it for review. It can be used to add comments and notes at specific time frames in a video. It is an easy-to-use tool, and there is a free version available.


Video collaboration with is a powerful video annotation tool used for collaboration. It lets you quickly and easily add comments and annotations to your video projects. The annotations can be text or drawings on the video at specific time frames. It has integrations with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci resolve. There is a free version available to try the application. It is also included in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

4. Flixier

Draw and add text on videos with Flixier

Flixier lets you draw on videos, add text, motion titles, shapes, and more, without leaving your web browser. You can just upload your video and drag and drop elements like text, shape etc onto the video. It uses a timeline to control how long the element will remain on screen. Once you add the required annotations, you can download the video to your computer. Flixier also has a free version that lets you export videos in 720p resolution. It also has a subtitle generator that works in 2 ways. You can either upload a video with voice-over to convert the voice-over to text or lets you upload a vtt subtitles file.

5. Kapwing

Add text to videos with Kapwing

Kapwing is an online video editor that equips you with an efficient, easy-to-use text tool to add text and other common annotations to your video. It also features a drag-and-drop interface for adding the text and a timeline interface to set the duration of the text visibility in the video. You can export your video and share it with anyone after downloading or creating a URL link for your video. Kapwing lets you add subtitles easily with just a few clicks, using their AI tools to autogenerate them or manually adding the text and the time duration to sync with the video. It offers a free plan that lets you export videos in 720p resolution, and it is free to invite team members to Kapwing so you can collaborate on videos together.

Start adding text to your videos today.

These are a few best apps that can be used to add text and other animations to your video or recording. Adding text and highlighting specific areas can help you create professional videos for your instructional videos, sales and marketing videos, and support videos. WowTo is a very easy-to-use tool that helps you create professional How-to videos by adding necessary annotations without spending much time and effort. Create your first video for free with WowTo.


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