28 Oct 2022

Essential tools to grow your SaaS business

Essential tools to grow your SaaS business

List of different tools you will need when starting a SaaS business.

Starting a SaaS business? Here are the tools you absolutely need to be using.

Without an understanding of how crucial the resources are for business, entrepreneurs every year waste thousands of dollars on irrelevant tools that do nothing but clutter their productivity and slow down the business growth. This is one of the key reasons 29% of start-ups fail in their first year.

This blog post will change that as we compile a list of some awesome resources of the tools that hold great potential. This list will help you grow your SaaS business efficiently (and are affordable).

Design Tools


MockFlow is an end-to-end product design tool that brings tools, teams, and resources into one place, making your entire product design process smooth. Its super easy yet intuitive wireframe editor allows you to visualize your ideas and collaborate with your teams seamlessly.

When starting your Saas business, this tool will come in handy to help you visualize the UI of your app/website and bring in all the elements of designing your product in one place. It offers a very generous basic plan for you to get a hands-on experience with the tool before you commit yourself to a paid plan. And if you are a start-up, it also offers a start-up plan giving you all the tool's features at a minimal price.


The website is the foundation of your business. It's your home base, storefront, and how you communicate with your customers. And that is why it's important to have a website builder tool on your list. Yourvone makes creating an app or website simple without any coding. It has a zero learning curve and a freemium plan that makes it easy for businesses to build their own website without much worry!


Bookmark is another good option to build your website. It offers the world's first and fastest Ai-powered website and eCommerce solution.

With BookMark, say goodbye to old boring templates and step into the future of web design. AiDA, the Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant, takes your website to a whole new level. You don't need any past coding or design experience. With Bookmark, all you need to do is answer a few questions, then sit back & watch as AiDA builds your personal and unique website right in front of your eyes!

If you are keen on getting an expert on board, Bookmark also offers solutions for Design Agents, awesome programs like Hire an Expert, and so many more ways to help level the playing field for individuals and businesses to see the success they deserve online.

Email Tools


Build an email system to run monthly cold-email outreach at scale with Growtoro. Growtoro is a social media data collection tool to collect verified public emails from those who follow any of your social accounts or post with a keyword.

Email marketing is still very much a thing, even with all of the cool things happening on channels and social media. It’s not glamorous, but it remains one of the most effective tools for building customer relationships and driving conversions.


Mailjoy is a do-it-yourself tool for anyone to design, mail, and track postcard and letter campaigns as easily as email campaigns. The tool focuses on creating a delightfully simple experience for any business or organization to reach customers and prospects through the mail. Mailjoy provides many features to help you create mailing lists from your contacts, design beautiful postcards, track the results, and integrate with other tools you already use. Sending a campaign takes only minutes.



When you start, it is important to keep track of every penny. With Accrufy, you can keep track of taxes accurately, securely, and easily. Track expenses and bills to generate a more accurate income statement and know where the business stands. Rolodex days are over, keep track of customers, vendors, and employees in a more efficient and organized manner.

Accrufy is a free, full accounting solution for small businesses. You can create customer invoices in minutes and track bills and expenses. You can also send invoices/estimates directly on the go and track payments.


Paddle is the All-in-One SaaS Commerce platform. Paddle offers SaaS companies a completely different approach to their payments infrastructure. Instead of assembling and maintaining, securing, and paying for a fragmented payments stack, Paddle does it all in one platform.

Paddle unifies payments, subscription and billing management, manual invoicing, sales tax and financial compliance, fraud, and more with a unified tool that grows with you.

Content Tools

LongShot Ai

Content creation can be arduous, especially when you are busy running your business. When you set out to run a business, writing fresh and engaging content is one of the first things on your blogging or social media to-do list. But as you get buried in admin tasks, paperwork, and other everyday responsibilities that can threaten to strangle your fledgling business in its infancy, it's easy to lose sight of your content goals. But not with LongShot. LongShot is an AI-powered long-form content assistant that turns your ideas into SEO-friendly content in minutes. It's so easy that you all have to do is assist the AI to research, generate, and optimize content.


Another great option for content creation is GoCopy. GoCopy is an AI-powered content platform that helps you write effective marketing sales copy in no time. Using proven marketing copy templates, you can create great SEO content and high-quality copy without ever hiring a copywriter to do the job for you.

Centori is a software platform that aims to make things like SEO and content strategy accessible for small teams. What sets them apart is their SEO coaching. Centori is all about teaching marketers and founders how to do SEO successfully to grow their businesses and reach their goals. Digital marketing is a highly competitive space. You need to be an expert in your niche, and to grow your business, Google needs to recognize you and show your business to the related audience. And with Centori’s expert SEO coaching, you can achieve this easily.

Support Tools


WowTo is one of its kind tool that lets you easily create and host a self-service multilingual knowledge base for your business. With its AI voices and easy-to-use video editor, you can create, host, and update an entire knowledge base for your website within hours. A freemium tool that offers a free plan with one knowledge base that can contain 15 videos.

This is a must-have tool for your SaaS business to ensure a smooth user onboarding with how-to, feature walkthrough, and product walkthrough video guides.


Built for customer support teams, as well as customers, SympoQ is an intuitive and flexible help desk system built to manage and automate customer service and support activities from a single place. SympoQ can be set up and available for operations in less than 10 minutes with its flexible and easy-to-use configuration. With SympoQ, your customer support takes advantage of a robust support system that keeps your customers informed and in control of their issues.

Fog Bender

If you are in a product lead business and this product is used by teams (instead of individuals), Fogbender makes it easy for all the users within a particular customer team to communicate with each other and your support agents, so everyone stays on the same page. All existing support tools out there are built for talking to a single user, and that is where Fog Bender gets an edge. To talk to teams, you no longer have to set up B2B shared channels in Slack for each account. Instead, Fogbender enables you to embed a shared channel-like experience directly into their customer dashboard.


Quickchat is a fully conversational and Multilingual AI Assistant powered by OpenAI's GPT-3, a 175 billion parameters state-of-the-art language model. Quickchat chatbots can recognize and speak your native language. You can use it to automate your customer support, online applications, search through the internal knowledge base, and many other tasks - possibilities are endless! You can think of it as a truly conversational human-computer interface. Implement it on your website if you want to: Listen to your customers, automate your customer support, and generate more valuable leads.

Other helpful tools


Spot is the complete solution for teams to connect, collaborate, and build culture. Bring the work experience to the next level by combining a unique spatial experience with a powerful team-chat implementation.


Leadmonk is a mobile-first scheduling platform that offers flexible booking options, automated reminders, and promotional landing pages. It reduces the booking friction by allowing your customers to book appointments using their mobile number or email address without the back-and-forth emails or messages. You can let invitees opt-in for WhatsApp or SMS notifications if they book with their mobile number, so they get updates on the go.

Press Hunt

Hiring a PR agency to get your business media coverage is expensive, but that doesn't mean there is no other way to find people who will write for you on relevant Industry pages. Press Hunt saves you hundreds of hours by aggregating data on over 750k journalists, reporters, and podcasts in one place, complete with their coverage focuses and contact info. If you are looking for a press presence for your brand, Press Hunt might be a good place to find your niche expert journalist.


A good calendar scheduling tool can save time and ensure optimal utilization of your resources. It should let you collaborate with team members, set automated reminders, and add assignments to different activity calendars. It is a must tool in your software kit to ensure you plan your work in advance and be productive throughout the week.

Sunsama is an all-in-one daily task manager that organizes all tasks, meetings, emails, and more in one place. Sunsama integrates with popular third-party platforms such as Jira, Asana, Slack, Trello, Github, and more to help teams manage tasks across multiple platforms.


Flatfile’s vision is to enable seamless data exchange between large and small organizations throughout the world. Flatfile eliminates repetitive work and makes B2B data exchange fast, intuitive, and error-free. The Flatfile platform automatically learns how imported data should be structured and cleaned, enabling customers and teams to spend more time using their data instead of fixing it. Flatfile has automated billions of data decisions for companies like Sage, ClickUp, Square, AstraZeneca, CBRE, and Spotify.

You must remember that time is your most valuable resource when you are running a business. So wasting time on inefficient processes is not an option. Hopefully, this list of tools will help you achieve greater productivity and skyrocket your business, regardless of the vertical you are working in.


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